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Erica Wiederlight Coaching (4 Session Bundle)

Erica Wiederlight Coaching (4 Session Bundle)

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Erica Wiederlight is a confidence and empowerment coach who builds deep and meaningful relationships with her clients to help them through some of the most difficult and trying times of their lives or transitional periods. Her focus areas include: stress, burnout, anxiety, insecurity, relationships, work, social, sexuality, spiritual suffering, and so much more. 

Erica has been described by clients as "transformational" and "someone who not only listens, but truly 'gets it'. One client review remarked "Erica makes me feel heard, and knows exactly what emotions are need during my sessions. Between laughing or crying, I can be 100% myself with Erica and everyone around me has already noticed a difference in me. I am happier, more confident, much more self aware, and for the first time- look forward to having a session." 

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